Monday, December 17, 2012

the people who walk in darkness....

picture by Kris

The last two days have been mild but rainy.The river is way up and  the ground is soaked.In my neighborhood there seems to be fewer lights on the houses this winter.It would seem to me that a person who suffers from depression would find these days a burden.Where do we look for light in a world of killers loose among us?

We have to keep our eyes wide open for the glimmers of light.They are there.

I went to a local rehab center today to visit a church friend.I don't know her very well but her daughter was once in my Sunday School class.Barbara is in her 50s and tragically,she contracted meningitis.She is unable to leave her bed and there was no chair for me to sit in the small ,stark room.It was an awkward visit.

Months ago, Barbara's family expected her death but she survived ,although damaged in many ways.

Barbara remembered who I was which surprised me and we talked a bit.Then she began experiencing pain and the doctors came to check her.I left as they entered the room.It is difficult to describe how sad her situation has become and how dreary is the facility that is her home.

As I drove home,I couldn't help gloomy thoughts about her future and her long days.

She has a roommate ,an older African-American lady ,who is bedridden but very sharp.I was thinking that at 85 years she has out-lived many relatives when she offered that she has no children or any family who live in Georgia. Ginny was bright eyed and kind,a most likable lady and as I was leaving she pointed to the two stockings hanging on the wall that Barbara's grown children had hung.One for their Mother and one for dear Ginny.

Kindness glows in the darkness like a star in the sky.

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