Friday, April 24, 2009


I recently have come by some small treasures; one is a pen and ink drawing that represents Mundy's Mill, which used to be a working mill here in Clayton County.I bought corn meal there when my children were very small and made muffins.The mill is gone but they saved the wheel and it is on the grounds of Mundy's Mill High School.I found this wonderful drawing at the Goodwill Store near us for five dollars.After some sprucing up ,it hangs by my front door.
The other item was also five dollars .I found it on-line at a shop in Vermont.It is a white tile with a black drawing of my 5th great-grandfather's house in Guilford,Vt.He lived there in 1772 and the house still stands.It is pink now but somehow that is all right.It is a stunning colonial house.He was Gov.Benjamin Carpenter,and a Revolutionary War hero.This summer I intend to visit his grave in Vermont and have a chat and bow to honor his bravery.
When I worked at the Bellsouth building in Jonesboro,Georgia I used to jog to the Confederate cemetery and pick up trash ,all the while thinking,"What is a Yankee doing in this cemetery ?"The history of it always touched me.It seemed like sacred ground.
I was a history major in college in New York but never "used" it in my subsequent career.The love of it has come back in surprising and very satisfying ways.


Missy said...

I can't believe you were a history major. I hated history! Funny. You do have a colorful past to be intrigued by. Thanks for all the comments on my blog. It is fun, isn't it? I'm headed there now.

Missy said...

Thanks for the lovely message on my sweet! How about making yours a daily habit? You can do it! I'll give you Sundays off.

Michael (The fav) said...

I remember the Mill...sort of. I do remeber the old BST building and the confederate cemetary. I am sure the muffins were great. You are the best mom ever! Love you!