Tuesday, December 22, 2009

more of the Light

Last night, while I was reading in bed,two friends came to the door.I have known Greg and Karen for at least 30 years.They came holding a beautiful rose and a note from our church .They came because they are part of the ministry of our church that brings a rose at Christmas to those who have lost a family member during the year.

Karen brought a rose in 1996, at this time of year,the year my Mother died.That gesture was so comforting.It said," You are not alone in this sadness.Your church family loves you."That is what I felt.And so Karen has been doing this for at least 14 years.

Last night, I could see the fatigue in her eyes as she had just come home from a family funeral in Wisconsin and has yet to finish her Christmas chores and still she came.Again.This is the Body of Christ.This is the Light that came that the darkness shall never overcome.

I wish that my sister, who loved beauty ,could see this rose and know that she is remembered by me, her family and strangers she never knew.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

the light of Christ

During Advent, we await the light that will break through the deep darkness, which is where we live.This must be why we put lights on our houses.The dark of winter is too much for us.We,by our baptism, are the people of light.And we wait.

The Advent readings from Isaiah are just so beautiful;"Rise up in splendor!Your light has come,the glory of the Lord shines upon you."

I have felt that light shining on me this Advent.A very dear friend ,who I met in Charleston in 2006, sent a Christmas card and in it, Sylvia wrote that on December 13,she dedicated her meditation time to my sister who passed away last year on that date.I felt the warmth of her light and her remembering.

On December 5th, I received an unexpected gift from a dear former neighbor who has moved to Florida.She had a cuckoo clock sent to me from Germany.She is originally from there.She also enclosed a beautiful story of her life after the war that brought me to tears.We share our lives and faith.I am blessed by our friendship.When the bird sings and the music plays,I smile.

After church today, I ran into a woman who was in the confirmation class that I taught 22 years ago.We had such a good visit and she said,"Let's do lunch".How nice after all these years.I believe that if we look for the Light, we will find it.It's all around us just waiting to be seen and savored.I don't have to wait for December 25th, It's here in our midst.



The longest night,the deep despair,
The hopeless eyes,dried of tears.
Sin never seen or examined.
All wrought of "me", "mine" and "now".

Sparkle it,cleanse it,lift it high.
It is this moment that matters,this moment,
When only Your Name is here.
Over and over,"Jesus"; save, cleanse, heal and use
this bone and skin to Your glory.