Saturday, February 13, 2010

In the Woods

It is hard to describe how wonderful a snowfall is to a snow deprived former New Yorker.My childhood memories are richly dotted with snow scenes, snow forts, and sledding.
In Georgia,where we live now,it is such a long time between snow storms.

I watched a you-tube video yesterday with adults sledding down a big hill somewhere up North and the laughter as they played was wonderful to hear.And then the storm of February 12,2010 came and I enjoyed every minute of being in the woods behind our house as the snow gently fell.It's magic,it's Narnia,it is all peace and silence and beauty.

I took alot of pictures and the one above is not the prettiest but there is a story.The tan leaves of the beech don't fall to the ground when autumn comes ;they hang on.As I was standing a few feet away from this tree , one of the branches started to sway back and forth.There was no wind, no bird had landed or taken off, no snow was falling in clumps from other trees yet.Not one other branch of that tree moved.And as I watched, I knew what it was and as I type this ,I am getting chills.It was my angel letting me know that she was with me in this incredible beauty.

The spirit world is subtle and you have to be still and watching.The snow is melting now but I know what I know and I won't soon forget the snow of February 12,2010.


Missy said...

Beautiful photos....glad you enjoyed the snow!

Anonymous said...


Your writing always gives me goosebumps...shivers.

Talk about snow...I've had my fair share this winter up in Philadelphia. Twenty-two inches a couple of weeks ago followed by another 18! This southern girl has never seen anything like it. :)


Debbie said...

Hi Sharon. I love this. Narnia, Yes.

You have such a beautiful vision of how God speaks to us in this temporal world. I believe in angels, too, as you know. ;-)

You also have a gift for sharing what your heart and spirit know. Please keep sharing. It's a gift to many, including me.

You are beautiful.