Sunday, March 7, 2010


It seems to me that very few of us would be unable to relate to Thoreau's statement:"most men led lives of quiet desperation."I recall getting out of bed in 1971,in California, and feeling this gaping hole,this emptiness in the center of my being.And on that day, "I turned my gaze."

In meditation yesterday, this thought came to me and it feels right so I'll share it.

If you are aware of this "hole",this feeling that your life has no purpose that you can discern,it may be time to hoist yourself up on the Path.Oh, that's scary.I'm a sinner, I don't belong on the Path.Or what will I have to give up? I want to do what I want to do.How is that working for me? What will people say?I don't want to become a Jesus Freak.What will I have to do?

I have a suggestion...just for this day,express gratitude.Tell Someone that you are happy for the trees, siblings, friends,talent,work, health ,all those things that please you.See how that feels.You have begun the conversation that can radically change your life.We were meant for this Mystery and something in us knows it.

Here is my short list ...Van Gogh's life, my niece,Teresa, mountains, health, nothing hurts, writing,colors,old friends from 50 years ago, daffodils,trees, birds,John, new friends, I could go on.How does it feel when I do this...joyful.
And that is where God meets me.


Missy said...

Um, I think I am somewhere between old friends of 50 years and new friends and I think you left me off the list, but that's ok because my window beside my desk is open and the fresh air is coming in and keeping me awake, even though I could fall over and take a 2 hour nap in an upright position with just my head on my desk-ahh to sleep when it is needed. Add that to your list retired person! Mine would start with a boy who is growing up and doing his senior recital this week and a chair right at the front with me in it.....lovely!

Anonymous said...

Today I give thanks for creative-whimsy, science, hard work, the smell of hot leaves and soil, old love, new love, and life to come.

-The Scarf Maker