Tuesday, April 27, 2010

dinner with Linda

Last night, we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant to discuss my husband's Ghana trip and other things.The last time we were there we met the owner's daughter who is ten.Her name is Linda and she had told us about this boy who keeps poking her on the bus.We advised her Mom to tell the teacher.

We found out that the teacher is now keeping this boy under control.Linda's mother told her to tell us.Well, I burst out laughing when she pulled up a chair and joined us for dinner.We chatted and she showed me her favorite book .She is going to be a scientist.We also found out that her father was very poor in China and that Linda's older two brothers speak very little English.This means that Linda, at ten, is the family spokesperson,because her parents speak very little as well.

Well, "the best laid plans" as they say...we spent the evening with this talkative, sweet girl and had a bunch of laughs.She is very bright and wanted to know why my husband was drinking a beer.Didn't he know that it would make him walk sideways? She then demonstrated to our amusement.

When I go to the Salvation Army for used books this week, I know I'll be looking for a kid's book for Linda.A new friend in an unexpected place.


Garnette said...

Charming! Amazing how one word of support opens up a new world. One of my favorite books to read to my children is "The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore" about overcoming fear and looking with the new eyes of innocence to see the 'real.' It is set in ancient China, and I think by the man who wrote the book with the line - let the wild rumpus begin - And I might not have the book correct either. But you get the spirit of comment, right? O, Maurice Sendak is the author's name. Love,

Garnette said...

Everyone knows what a dragon looks like is the title. My daughter remembered.

Missy said...

Did you get her a book?