Sunday, February 6, 2011

the worst flight ever ?

The other night, we went to see "The Rite",one more film about exorcism.As if the ever creepy "The Exorcist", that I saw in the 70s wasn't enough.I remember dreading every time the two priests would start to ascend the stairs to go back in the bedroom where Ragin,who was not herself in more ways than one,lay tied to the bed. That was based on a true story but the possessed had actually been a teen-aged boy who lived in Maryland.

Apparently,in these enlightened times,there is more need for exorcists then ever before.

The Rite of Exorcism has been handed down through the centuries and has specific prayers that are to be said but the heart of the ritual is the casting out of the demon in the name of Jesus.It is His power and only His that can drive the evil spirit from a person.Every time I have seen this ritual portrayed,the invocation of the Name brings tears to my eyes.The only other scene that does this to me is when a live birth is being portrayed.I don't know the connection but there it is.

The church is very hesitant to declare a possession and will seek every other answer for a disturbed person's behavior but when all else fails and certain criteria is met,they will take the case on.

The movie brought to mind something that happened a few years ago, in May of 2004.I was flying home from Connecticut and as we started to descend to Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta,a two year old blonde little girl across the aisle started to howl.This went on for at least twenty minutes and I was getting very anxious.I had nothing to hand the Mother to distract the child.The folks around with ear buds weren't as disturbed as the rest of us.It was excruciating.In desperation,I prayed that Jesus would come into this scene and calm the child, especially for the poor mother.Immediately,the child quieted.I was stunned.Co-incidence? I report,you decide.

The plane landed and I asked the mother if I could help her in some way.She looked around and with tears in her eyes,apologized to everyone for the noise.I told her something like that has happened to all of us.I felt such love for her in that moment.That mysterious,sacred moment.

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Denise Bossert said...

Wonderful reminder that He hears every prayer.