Thursday, July 21, 2011


When I am in the mountains and can't post on this blog,I feel that an important piece of my soul's balance is missing.I don't read the scriptures with the same focus because I have no place to put my musings.

In the mountains,there is no Internet access and so when I go back,I'll leave my PC here.The twenty five mile trip to the library and the half hour restricted access is not conducive to the flow of thoughts that makes up what I put here. Mating a picture with a story is such a creative rush for me.

Today,I met with the four ladies who make up a prayer group that I have been in that meets monthly and has for almost 20 years.One friend spoke of a small thing that happened to her that seemed to fit beautifully with my last post about encounters.

She felt led to go into the small chapel at our church and thank God for the elevation of our former pastor,a Franciscan priest, to the post of the Bishop of Savannah.As she came out of the church, a van pulled up and a man got out and came over to her.
He wanted to know if our church had a French Mass.Well, we do actually and this newest refugee from Africa was warmly welcomed and told about the active French speaking group in our Church.His wife speaks no English.How happy they must have felt as they drove away that they had found a place to belong.

What if my friend had said "no" to that chapel urge? Small things that weave the Kingdom together.


Ryan said...

It is indeed the small things that weave the kingdom together. Listening to the inner voice instead of ignoring it, can and usually does open the path that we are meant to tread. Blessings to your friend for being open to being lead to exactly where she was supposed to be in those moments.

cjm said...

Protect my hearing, Lord! Thanks be to the Holy Spirit for the gift of fortitude...may I continue to line up the drawer to slide back into place for THAT is where I place my fears and worries, the things I that recognize by the gift of wisdom that I can NOT change.