Thursday, December 29, 2011

a new year coming

I will try to remember to pick up my begging bowl each day and hold it out.Casting an eagle eye on all that happens,I will notice and record in my journal.If hard rain falls into my wooden bowl,I will not pour it out or throw it to the winds.I will feel the rain and let it lead me by the hand to wisdom and trust.I will thank God for it and it will not take me months to do this.

I will read more scripture each day and let it churn inside me and speak to me on that day even though I have read it before.The Word is alive and changes in It's
message as I change.

I will sit outside in the sun even when it is cold as the birds are always there and isn't it sad that their chorus should play to an empty theater.And a walk to the river at least once a week to just to watch the meandering brown water.

I will be more attentive to friendships.On every page of my journal, I will name a friend and write why I am grateful for what they bring to my life.Focusing on the important things.A friend of 35 years just called to invite us for dinner on January 1st.They will be praised on that first page of the 2012 journal.

This is a good start...will you tell me your resolutions?....


Ryan said...

Lovely Sharon.. such a calm and tranquil place this has become.

patience for myself and others is one lesson I hope to add to 2012..

the other will be forgiveness, for those people I need to forgive, and for myself.. especially when I forget to be patient...

Bless you in 2012.. and I look forward to all your words as you continue this written journey.


Missy said...

I haven't decided yet, but yours are lovely! I like your idea of a friend on your journal page every day. Also, hope you have some good bird watching.