Sunday, May 27, 2012

grace in all things

The surf was up and rolling as we watched the remarkable focus of the border collie on his Frisbee.The Frisbee sailed from his owner's hand and the dog leaped joyfully to corner it.A lazy week at a Florida beach .As we drifted back to the condo, we could see a paper stuck in the door;"Call home,now.Family Emergency."

Many calls later ,we packed,headed home and, eventually lived out the saddest of weeks.My husband's brother had unexpectedly left us and ,as much of the clan that could ,gathered in Pennsylvania to honor his rich life and support his devastated family.And in all of this, the Spirit hovered.

My brother-in-law had collapsed at home and had bled on the bedroom carpet leaving deep red stains that would be impossible for his wife to face.A friend called a service and before Toni got home from the hospital ,the rug was cleaned and spotless.

Family members from as far away as New Mexico,Texas and the East, flew and drove to hold Toni and Beth,his daughter, in their arms and witness to Bob's life,so well lived.Nephews carried the gifts up at Mass,acted as pall bearers and a niece stood by Beth's side for days,holding,whispering,helping.

At the Mass, Toni so wanted the incredibly moving song,"To Where You are" sung but knew no one that could sing it.Another friend found that someone and the song soared to the heavens where Bob and his son
are in peace.The beauty of it comforted us in our pews.

Later in the day, a neighbor came to offer his three sons as gardeners to take care of the yard that Bob so loved.And a young woman Beth had met at the park the day before the funeral made sure that a beautiful memory wind chime was sent to the funeral home.

Christ promised never to leave us.Each of you were His Hands.


Margo said...

Your writing today took me back to the year 2000. I received a call from the coroner's office in Illinois that my sister (there were just two of us) had been found dead in her apartment. She died as a result of taking an antibiotic for bronchitis which is now associated with sudden cardiac arrest. At that time there was no association but I suspected that antibiotic caused a heart blockage. Her heart stopped while she was napping. God's grace enabled dad and me to plan the funeral (the Holy Spirit even gave me the words to speak at her funeral mass)and to take care of closing her apartment, etc. I still really miss her but I know she prays for me and my family from her place in heaven. She loved blue birds and I see them on occasion. I wonder if she asks God to send a blue bird my way as a sign she's praying for me ...

John and you are in my prayers and John's brother's family.

sharon graham said...

Thank you for sharing your painful memory.What truly connects us is the prayers we offer from here and there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing during your time of grief.
What a wonderful reminder that WE are to be the hands of God in this world.
God bless each of those helpful people and each of you during this emotional time.

Missy said...

Sorry for you sad news.

Garnette said...

Ahhh, beautiful and tragic. With Divine Love, Garnette

kris spikes said...

Sharon I'm so sorry to hear this news. Please send John my love.

Farah Ameen, Jon McCabe & Sofia Nasreen Ameen-McCabe said...
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Farah Ameen & Jon McCabe said...

Beautiful and sad. Evoked memories (from 13 years ago), especially the devastated look on my mother's face. Hope you and Mr. Graham are finding some peace in this time of sorrow. Lots of love from us.