Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Two weeks ago, on a Florida beach,I took a photo.It seemed important to capture the rocks and especially the one that had been worn away by the surf leaving a perfect bowl in the front.It has a message,I mused.It is now my screensaver and I love this picture not really knowing  why.I have wanted to write about it,but nothing came .......until today.

A group of friends met at my house for prayer this morning.We sat in silence for 45 minutes and then  wrote what we heard or felt.This is what I wrote :

...as the prayer time ended, this came to me:I don't need to keep praying for the same thing.God knows the desires of my heart:salvation and protection for my children and grandchildren.What I need to do is "see" it and then thank him for it....let Him work and trust that"all things work for good for those who love God."Relax about it..trust...trust...trust.... be like that round hole in the rock at the shore-open wide -receiving, just receiving with  gratitude.Noticing everything that He is dropping in each day...Be unshakeable,stationary,unmovable.Let anxiety go,hand it off with trust.

And then this:"In the quiet of the night when anxiety overtakes you-go to your sacred space and sit in the dark and talk to me...let me know what is oppressing you and release it directly to my Sacred Heart which burns with love for you.
Let my warmth enfold you -you and I together in all.How easily you forget this and you turn this way and plan that way.Rest in my arms,now,tonight,always.That is your call."

And I thought...Lord, you give us everything we need.Everything that washes up on the shore is for our good even the things we label as bad .No matter what it looks like; starfish,broken bottle,seaweed,driftwood,dead fish head...each thing that enters our lives can bring us closer to You if we understand that,wish it and give it to you in prayer.

Then I ask this:"how can I make that real in my life?"...."visualize the rocks...enjoy the roundness of the hole and the rock that surrounds it...see the water captured and the contrast between the rocks and the sand...let the rock speak to you of what you have written and understood and never forget.


ladydi47 said...

My dear Sharon...you got my tears flowing on this one...it is soooo true...most times we do not stop to look around at everything GOD has given us and just bask in His glory in the quiet.
Thank You and GOD bless you and your wonderful family.

Anonymous said...

Upon reading this passage, I have sat and pondered your words for sometime now. They have truly moved me. As we all rush through life, we too often forget about the beauty all around us in its various forms. Thank you for the lovely reminder.

Garnette Arledge said...

When I first looked at the photograph, reading the title Receiving" my eyes seemed to see a tiny sea crab. The kind all legs that skitters. My mind said: the cleverness of God's tiny creature waiting in a safe place for what comes to her. Then, astonished at the enlargement, no many-legged being, but wisdom in that rock. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts today.

sharon graham said...

Anon and Garnette,
Your comments are so beautiful and just make my discovery richer...thank you and love to both-Sharon