Saturday, July 7, 2012


For several years, my husband and I have been thinking of hiking the Camino de Santiago de Compsotela,the pilgrim path from France to the Cathedral of St.James in Santiago,Spain.The recent movie with Martin Sheen,"The Way" seems to have sealed the deal for both of us.In 2013,we hope to join the millions who have trod this path over the centuries.

A pilgrimage is not a trip or a vacation,rather a journey made to a shrine or holy place.The purpose is not fun but holiness.The idea of pilgrimage has been wandering around in my mind for days.I really don't need to go to Spain for a pilgrimage because I am on one now,aren't I?

As I jogged in the neighborhood today ,this scene unfolded in my soul:

.....angels are in that deep silent ,far out place in the Universe as they scoop up a handful of shimmering Gold Light from among the shining stars.They laugh among themselves as flesh is slowly formed in a perfect way around the gold ball.When the being is formed and about to come into the world, one special angel whispers into the ear:"You are going to a sometimes stunningly beautiful world but this is not your home.You are on a pilgrimage and you must find your way back to the Light of which you are made.How you will know that the earth is not your home,rests in the discontentment that you feel with most of what you encounter.It will never be perfect.You will ,however,know moments of peace and great joy once you have awakened to the knowledge that you are on pilgrimage and everything on earth is transitory."

"As you trail bright stars from the back of your robe, live and foster the greeness around you,and shine a golden light from your eyes and fingertips,others will awaken to the pilgrimage and climb on the road with you.This is part of journey."

On the Camino, when hikers pass each other or pass townspeople, the usual greeting is Buen Camino,or a good camino walk to you.I  thought of this when I encountered a neighbor who was out walking this morning.She is a lovely woman who in the last five years has battled colon cancer and lost her husband of many years.She called out "great job" as I jogged by and I smiled.Isn't that the same as the Camino pilgrims ?Encouragement for the journey,a trailing of stars.


Margo said...

"Peregrina (pilgrim), you do not walk the path, the path is YOU, your footsteps, these are the Camino." A quote on a refugio wall in El Burgo Ranero. This is from the book by Sister Joyce Rupp, Walk in a Relaxed Manner Life Lessons from the Camino. It's the 3rd time I've read this book. 2013 will be a wonderful year of blessings !

sharon graham said...

Margo,that is just perfect...I may have to get that book...soon...thank you!

CMJackson said...

What a beautiful outlook! I have read a book "Embraced by The Light" , by Betty J. Eddie, which councils the same ideas. Being a babe in my spiritual ways I am not sure what to put stock in besides the Living Word. Her interpretation seemed right; since then, I keep her thoughts with me. You, my friend, have touched on similar trains of thought. As short as our lives are, I feel each day equates to one full step in our pilgrimage. Each act of the day is the integral motions it takes to complete the step. Was it a wavering stride? Was it a stabilizing step? Was it a long and strong stride? Only by keeping with the Lord's Will can I be sure that my step will add progress to my pilgrimage home and not backslide by stepping off of His path. Lord, You know my heart. Fill me up. You are enough. Keep me from worldly desires so that others will want to join me to end our pilgrimage Home.