Friday, December 13, 2013

the sister who waits for me...and the ones here.

Today is sunny and very brisk and having learned my lesson from a trip to the tundra(Washinton D.C.)last month, where I was underclothed and caught a cold,I am well wrapped.I am headed out to Chik-fil-a to meet with a group of friends.We meet to find God in our lives and have for over 25 years.At least once a month.

As I drove the five miles, the weight of this day presssed.My sister passed away five years ago today,the feast of St.Lucy, and although I am not given to maudlin anniversary weeping,this day I am thoughtful.It seems impossible that we reconciled in those final days when I thought it would never happen.It was and remains a great joy to me.We had been estranged for four years.Within weeks of that happy coming back together,we were at her funeral mass.I recall the beauty of the descending snow that quickly coated the Connecticut countryside.And the peace that I knew now eneveloped her.And the Love.

When I returned to Georgia, it was time for our group to meet and there,in the silent  gathering of friends,I found the Body of Christ.One member held my hand as I described holding my sister's hand for those joyful hours in the hospital.Sisters once again.The other women shed tears of sharing in my loss.This can only be described as the kingdom of God.

We have seen each other through spouse's deaths,children's pain, health issues and today I know as I have never known before that we are never alone.When we walk with Christ, trailing along behind and next to ,is the company of saints both here and there.That includes you ,Jeannine and Mom.I feel your hugs now.


kris spikes said...

This post is especially touching to me. My sister and I are so close and she is much older than me...almost 20 years. I can't imagine losing her and how empty the days will feel after she's gone.

Remembering your sister on this anniversary...


sharon graham said...

Kris,Thank you,Kris, for remembering my sister today.You would have liked her...sense of humor and so into sharing,a huge heart proably like your sister.Enjoy every minute of a gift that not everyone has.

Connie said...

There are tears in my eyes now and a big smile on my face. You have a bit of tissue paper in your hair with a curly ribboned bow hanging from your neck! It is good to know peace is possible.