Wednesday, January 15, 2014

the Christing of the world...

A phrase has been banging around in my mind since I last posted on this blog."The Christing of the world,"Caryll Houselanders odd phrase.I suppose I could spend the rest of my days wandering through my mind with that in my hand turning it this way and that, exploring its meaning.

Wouldn't it take a theological treatise to explain this concept ?What would a Christed world look like?And then this came from an unlikely place-Facebook.Someone had posted a picture of a girl,the one elected by her high school peers,to be the homecoming queen.She is in the middle of the school football field, has on a turquoise gown and her face and hands are upward in total exaltation.Behind his Down Syndrome daughter, is her father ,home from service in Afghanistan,pride streaming from his face.Such joy!

Another scene come to me:this on a cross country course many years ago in Clayton County.My son is running for his high school ,Lovejoy, but the times and finish matter little compared to what I observed from a very pretty girl on the Forest Park team.She approached a boy on her team and I only saw his back.She hugged and engaged him with such love and exuberance and when he turned around,I saw that he had a profound cranial deformity.Profound and one that I have yet to forget.But to her he was a friend and their interaction was surrounded by light.

I thnk that Caryll would nod in understanding.Then I wonder what a Hitlerized world or a Stalinized world would look like.Would we even want to ponder that?

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