Monday, February 10, 2014

in the woods...

On the red bench in the woods with a slight breeze that feels good on my skin.It is mild out and there is a brilliant blue sky above.All around my feet are last year's leaves:dun,tan,brown with a few dead tree branches,and a ball of moss.It is nature quiet as if tree branches are soaking up any noise.

I always brought Sagan and Cooper with me to the bench .Cooper, the retriever mix ,would find a perfect stick to gnaw on and Sagan ,the yellow Lab, would sit at my feet and watch,occasionally looking up at my face and wagging his tail hello.I miss them.Wherever they are,do they hear my mind when I talk to them still?

There is still water in the floodplain ,the snow has been gone for days.The trees are back to brown without the white ribbons on the branches.The only sound is from the still clinging beech leaves ,crisp,lined and beige;turned inward ,touching each other.I smell the damp decaying mold of the swamp.A rich scent.

If I sit long enough,something will come by.Once,the crackling leaves gave away the coming of a plodding box turtle.He cared not a whit that I sat watching.Another time,a black rat snake draped like a garland over a bare tree,looked at me as I sat a few feet from him.This is their woods and I visit.

The only green is from dots of ferns here and on the slope.I do notice that a small sapling in front of the bench has small pink pointed buds that this warm day must have called out.They look like they are testing the air.The sun on my back feels comforting.This has been a winter of many inside days.Too many.

The sand hill cranes are circling.I don't know which way they are heading, their cries come and go.Recently,they were heading South and so low,I could see their eyes.Almost.I think they follow the Flint and the flocks are often very hard to see,they fly so high.But hearing them is a joy.

The only trees that I recognize by their trunks are the mottled grey, slightly ribbed, Iron Wood and the smooth,grey ,magnificent Beech.Sitting among them seems like a friendly visit.All we need is tea.


The Mims said...

beautiful, you had me sitting right beside you with your wonderful words. xo Mims

sharon graham said...

Mims,I so appreciate your shasa