Sunday, October 5, 2014

more on bowl of tears

All those tired of hearing about my dreams, please raise your hand.Ah, I see.But this is too good not to share, so we are back to the dream of Christ's tears.If you will recall, the story started with the waiting for the basketball player, Jackson Crabtree.(?)His arrival with bloody face and how he had just had the best game of his life and was now at the stadium to sing praise hymns.

The story unaccountably switched to the young priest with the bowl of shimmering tears and how I understood the why of the tears of Christ; how I was moved.I am here to report that I was wrong.About the unaccountable part of the switch.The dream/story/revelation was of whole cloth woven of fine threads whose colors were muted and not vivid at once. It was only in rereading my journal notes that I saw it.And all I could do was humbly say:"Thank you."

I want you to notice the name of the "player".A name from out of the blue of dreamland, or is it.Notice the initials.J.C.This long awaited player had a bloody face and he had just played the greatest game of his life.He was filled with joy and ready to praise.He was made for basketball, this Jackson.He gave it his all and practised 'til his fingers bled. Who is this player? His greatest test and game came during Passion week in a back water of the world.What we see as scourging, blood and the cross was the fulfillment of his mission.His assent to his mission brought this greatest of sacrifice and greatest glory.And he was ready to sing.

Perhaps the tears in the bowl are from this as well."You are missing the chance to do the father's perfect will and you will never know the satisfaction and joy of that."

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