Monday, December 15, 2014

the lady bug rosary

I think of Guy often.And of what happened in Spain.

My husband and I were walking the Camino de Santiago in September of 2013.In my side pocket was a small rosary given by a friend for the trip.I often sat on a log or a bench when John was getting a place at a hostel, and I would pray.It was so comforting on that very hard trek.

On day 7, we stopped at Rabe' and at dinner, we met some Europeans travelling the same route.Conversation was loud and hilarious but the man across from me just smiled.Guy was from Brittany in France and there was a language barrier.He seemed so content to just listen and smile.Later, we all went to the local convent for the Liturgy of the Hours with the sisters.Guy sat behind me and I could feel his holiness.

On the way back to our hostel, up the winding stone path, I kept getting the  strong feeling that I must give my rosary away.I didn't want to but the message was clear.

The next morning, in the dark, I watched as Guy left.I went out and put the little green rosary in his palm.He said:"Merci", and walked away.I don't think he realized what it was.I went back inside and sat down at the breakfast table.Then I looked up.There was Guy.He hugged me and said that the day before, he had lost his rosary on the trail.


Kris S. said...

You have a gift of knowing when people are in've always shown up for me at just the right time too. :)

sharon graham said...

Kris,How lovely of you to say that.Thank you.All is grace.

T said...

Kris is right Auntie- that is one of your many true gifts- your intuition and sensitivity to others.... and I just LOVE that lady bug rosary- so sweet xo