Wednesday, May 4, 2011

how do you speak to an angel ?

Yesterday, my godchild Paul, who has been under an angel's wing and in my heart since birth,sent me the attached picture.He found this most unusual angel tucked in the roots of a tree as he walked a street in Brooklyn.Being an enlightened person, he took this as a sign and so do I.It's time.....

I have never seen an angel nor heard one.For many years, they were not on my radar.Then a few summers ago my niece gave me a book on these beings and I read with some interest.So, I took the plunge and asked his/her name.Immediately,"Ariel".With wonder,in my spirit, I said hello and that was that.

The following summer, while in the Catskill mountains,I went down to the brook and the first thing I noticed was a small white feather clinging to a grey rock.My first thought came from somewhere beyond my rational mind,"an angel has been here.".Oh,that's odd.That night,I had a profound dream involving undulating, green serpents down by the brook and a black lion that passed me by with no harm.The next day,my niece gave me another angel book and I looked up Ariel to find that this being is usually depicted in visions and art as a lion.She is also associated with water courses.

I accepted this as a further extension of the hand of my angel.Around this time, the last living member of my family was coming to the end of her life.Alcoholism had taken a toll on my family of four,three were alcoholics but I was not.In my anguish at the horror of this disease,I asked,"Why not me ?"The answer was short and immediate,"You have been protected."As is often the case, I had to wait for the unfolding of the meaning of this.I found it again in the readings for today;"The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him,and delivers them."Psalm 34:8.

My belief is that the thoughts and the negative influences that might have destroyed me,were kept at bay in the spiritual realm.I will understnad this more deeply in the next life.

I haven't seen an angel although in my mind, I see swirling pink,purple and white smoke but then what is the color of love?Is hope blue?


Anonymous said...

The Bible tells us that God sets His angels to guard those who love Him. Your strong faith, seeking heart, and open mind have given you an unusual conduit to the Lord and His ministering beings. As he said "Seek and ye shall..." God wants to communicate with us but most of us are unwilling to spend the time in prayer and contemplation to allow Him. What a treasure trove you have opened with your meditations!

Denise Bossert said...

Beautiful post.

Missy said...

Very interesting indeed. I love the angel he found too.