Wednesday, May 4, 2011

silent time

A bright Saturday in April.Greenest of grass and a few pink rose blooms nodding in the warm breeze.A lone brilliant yellow iris opening to the sun.Benches in the woods and tables on the porch all set for a special time,outside of time.

This past Saturday, three friends came to spend some time in prayer.The format was simple:almost an hour seated together around a table with a candle,my grandmother's cross and a glowing orchid.In silent prayer,together.Then the same amount of time in writing our prayers, thoughts ,gleanings outside in the woods and finally gathering to share our reflections by the candlelight.

The first shared how pleased God was with our gathering just to be with Him.Tears of joy at His joy.She shared how the lawnmower across the street was not a distraction for her but brought memories of the smell of cut grass and the rows of neatness.

For another ,the candle felt like a grace for her as it shined towards her and upwards as her prayers went.The peace of the time was a gift.

For the third friend, the peace and what was shared by others spoke to her about emptying and being present and why not do it more often.The importance of this time to see as God sees.

In the company of the bees and busy robins my reflection took this form:

"Quiet, deep peace.
All mine to figure
Empty and waiting.
Pray through me ,Holy Spirit
Not in words-in movement
of whispers,yearnings like clouds
or smoke.
Empty time;full time.
supported by other spirits.

Beads on a string stretching to heaven
each bead a life-
tangled,joined,heading Home.

Calling-what should we be doing?
Witness,hold hands,prayer,fasting and acts,
always acts of mercy and finally love.

Eyes-opened heart turned to see the need.As many as there are beads,acts."

I think the beads came to mind because of a loss suffered by one of the ladies in the Coming Home program at church.She is a lovely,smiling gift to me.Last week her purse was stolen including the Rosary she received at her Baptism.These thoughts came on the bench:

"The Rosary is a circle,infinite,always, of beads is also as circle of people needing love-that is our call,that circle of beads to pray and people to love.

Not just a rosary but a road of people on the same path needing....and grace to see the need."

And then I knew, as the robin sang an insistent song, that this Thursday I would give a beautiful,crystal rosary,that belonged to a dear relative, to my new friend.The circle is never ending.

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