Thursday, March 15, 2012

wandering through Spring

Lent is not supposed to be a thrilling time,with the fasting and sacrifice.I am doing well in some areas but poorly in others.The one thing that I am being very faithful to is the Liturgy of the Hours and Centering Prayer.After sitting in silence for twenty minutes, I feel refreshed.

The Prayer of emptiness is so counter-cultural ,that it is hard to describe it well.No activity,nothing happens.
What's the point?Nothing happens!Except what happens when I am not looking or paying attention.In the quiet, out of reach depths,my soul is being molded or released from the ego that binds the Christ within.

I have become a lover : of Spring,sand and the slow walking lady at the pool that kept me from swimming now.My soul pushed passed my impatient mind and asked her if she had knee surgery and we became friends.Despite myself, I am becoming a lover and it is all Christ and the forty minutes I spend in silence
alone and empty.

The white Bradford blossoms that drift like snowflakes,the bright yellow jasmine,the pink azalea,all surprise and speak to me of the generous Lover that I serve who was with us in winter but is laughing out loud in Spring and I join the Dance.Come,let's dance!!!!

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