Friday, March 9, 2012

what is in the quiet of my heart?

It is so easy to lose focus and become enmeshed in unimportant things,at least for me.Writing helps me to get that focus back and I haven't been doing that either.So,if you will allow,I'll drift through the last few weeks and hit the highlights of the good that is in my life waiting to be relished.

My Granddaughter is slight ,has blond hair,bright eyes and small wire glasses.She was born prematurely and weighed so very little that we had only a drop of hope that she would be with us nine years later.Her least favorite day is Tuesday which coincidently was mine as a child.She is a champion speller and when I babysat this week,I found this written in her notebook:"I love the person that I am."Isn't that wonderful?.When did you last feel that way,especially as a child ?I want to sit with her and ask her why she feels that way.

Contemplative Outreach is a group dedicated to spreading Centering Prayer.I submitted one of my posts for their March e-bulletin and they will publish it.I will be a published author which,as you know,I never expected to be and the timing was God's because I was just ready to hang up my writer's towel.If one person finds and becomes open to this sacred method of prayer because of my humble meditation, I can die in peace.

The Blue Nuns are a group of friends who meet monthly at my house to pray and seek God's will.The night before our first meeting three years ago,I had a profound dream.A small group of women,dressed in blue robes, were kneeling quietly in a darkened,candle lit chapel.In the row in front was the Lord,head bowed ,kneeling in prayer also.We prayed with Him and thus became the blue nuns.

On February 7th, we met again and were given powerful direction:

-never leave God's presence.
-we are not to be moved.
-we have been called for this time.
-we who know God have to see the gift we have to be His instruments of redemption.
-in the quiet of our hearts,we should know Him and in the quiet of our hearts,we should love Him.

This is the focus that is so easy to lose.What am I about ?What is resting on my mind most of the time?
If my thoughts for today were typed up and handed to my Lord, would He gently ask,"Where am I in this script"?


Anonymous said...

Oh! what great truth and direction in your writings today. Truly these directions are from God.
1. We ARE to be instruments of redemption for others--not to just grab 'fire insurance' for ourselves through faith. Saved to save others. When Jesus said "Go Ye into all the world and preach the Gospel...", He was not just telling his apostles/disciples to do it. It was a command for ALL of us.
People are dying and going to hell all around us b/c no one takes time to share God's simple plan of salvation: "BELIEVE on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved."
We must share God's love and our witnes with others; lead others to say, "Lord I BELIEVE you died for my sins and I ask you to come into my heart and save me." (see Acts 16:31) So simple, yet "God uses the simple things of this world to confound" the haughty. (see Ephesians 2:8-9)

2. Never leave your 'position of safety' in God. To do so is to choose to fall.
The great shepherd-king, David, tarried at home when his men went to war; he saw Bathsheba bathing and took that second look. He left left his position of safety in the Lord. David fell mightily--even to lies and committing murder of one of his own 'mighty men of valor.' (Read 2 Samuel 11). Yet, there is forgiveness if we do fall and truly repent. When confronted with his sin, he repented in tears (2 Samuel 12: 1-14). Later God refers to him as a "man after God's own heart."

Finally, I am intrigued by the 'blue nuns' title of your group. From whence does it come? I knew a 'blue nun' when I was a young woman. She had skin that had actually turned blue from cobalt treatments for cancer.

sharon graham said...

Thank you for your wonderful thoughts.The blue nuns comes from the dream that I had the night before my fellow prayers first met.
The ladies praying in the dream were all dressed in blue...

sharon graham said...

Whenever I have left the safety,I have flounder mightily.It's risky.

Missy said...

I bet they are a loely and powerful group. Congrats on the publishing!! When a blessing of a grand daughter and I'm sure you are one to her as you are open to listen.