Sunday, December 2, 2012


Here we are and I am going to get effusive once more.I just love Advent.

The leaves have mostly dropped ,the abundance of summer is spent.We are down to bare branches now and a bare silver trunk of the beech,the tree that I hug when I get the mood.The sun can clearly be seen through the woods,white now as it descends.Cold ,winter light.

It seemed so strange to me to see wreaths hanging on doors in Australia in the heat and yellow sun.

This Advent,I plan to focus each day on what this waiting season means for my life.How different my life would be without the promises and whispers of the One who came and comes.And how different would be the world.I am going to watch for the Stars that shine over us here and now.Pointing,showing.And I will share those.

Why does this story even touch those who are non-believers ?This ,too good to be, story.

I have a dearly loved friend that is a non-believer.I have gotten her a small Christmas ornament that I found.It says;"I believe in snow angels".It makes me smile and I know that we can shake on that.

And the quiet, bare weeks of December stretch out before us and say:"Come into this silence and see if I am not here in the joy of snow angels."


PrayerWalker said...


Missy said...

Nice to see you back on the blog!

Anonymous said...

You asked "Why does this story touch even the hearts of non-believers?"
I think the answer lies in the Bible:
"He hath placed eternity in the hearts of men."

Gods' still, small voice is there calling within everyone. Those who say they are unbelievers feel its pull nevertheless. The Christmas story stirs this patient, unfailing Love of God that is within each heart.

So glad you had a wonderful time at your son's wedding and in Australia. We missed you. Keep the musings coming!

sharon graham said...

Lovely comments.Thank you..

kris spikes said...

When I read this a few weeks ago, I wondered who your non-believer friend was. I just opened my gift. Thank you...yes, we can always shake on it. And after a rough Holiday last year, this Christmas was the best in years. Thank you for thinking of me and Merry Christmas!