Tuesday, February 19, 2013


It is a warm spring day on Long Island.Azaleas are blooming and a gentle breeze ruffles my auburn locks.Mrs. Carney,who is my ride from school, has dropped me off on Jerusalem Avenue across from Artie's Cleaners.I have a six block walk home and have no fear because it is 1948 and these streets are safe,even for a kindergartner.I am walking along the sidewalk when I notice three boys,older than I ,across the street.I don't know them.Suddenly,amid laughter,they pick up stones and start heaving them in my direction.I am shocked and frightened.I start to run and the laughter and the rocks continue.I do not cry until my mother opens the door of our house.

I have carried this burden since then ,the weight of it heavy, because I always wondered why they picked me.What was wrong with me?I took the incident very personally; perhaps children do.

Several years ago, I was in a program that trained Spiritual Directors.The leaders encouraged us to seek God's healing for the wounds of our lives, so I took this memory into a quiet place and closed my eyes.In my imagination ,the story unfolded as it happened:the boys,rocks,the fear, but instead of turning onto my street ,I turned right and walked down California Avenue.The sweet red haired Mrs.Lyons was in her front yard and when she saw my sad face she came over to hug me with her special warmth.She ushered me into the bright kitchen, gave me milk and a cookie and when she heard what had happened,she explained that they were just rowdy boys who would have harassed the first kid to come alone.I could feel her kindness in my heart.Since that time, this is my memory when I think of those boys.But,you say,it's not real and you are right and wrong.

I was not ready to understand all of this ten years ago.Even though Mrs. Lyons was not there,Christ was.I know that He saw and though He wouldn't interfere,He loved me wantonly in those dreadful moments .If He had whispered the truth of what happened in that small ear,I would not have heard so when I was ready to understand, which was today while swimming ,a revelation came.He was the Mrs.Lyons and Mrs. Rooney and all the kind people I have known and He has been with me,always.It was He who led me to Mrs Lyons in my imaginative journey and I am surprised to see how rich this memory has become.It took 65 years for me to know this but I glow with the

And as if to affirm my revelation ,this quote appeared on Facebook today:
"I command you:be firm and steadfast!Do not fear nor be dismayed,for the Lord,your God,is with you wherever you go".Joshua 1:9.


PrayerWalker said...

He is always with us. When we ask Him where He was during a situation we thought we were alone, He will show us. All time is present to Him.
He is our healer.

Anonymous said...

Lovely thoughts that remind that the Lord is always near to those who love Him--even when unseen or unrecognized. Loved 'Prayer Walkers' comment that "All time is present to Him." What a clear way to state that thought!

When we lived in Texas and ranched with 72 head of cattle, I put myself in some dangerous situations without realizing it. God moved to help in thrilling ways. Once our herd was restless and I went to see what was going on (on the tractor for safety.) Our young Collie, Renegade, ran along beside me always happy for a good run and time togo sniffing around the bushes near the lake. Soon he was out of sight.
Our cows were mostly black angus; the interloper among them alluded my attention. Striding away from the tractor to see a newborn calf, the strange black bull emerged from the milling herd and began pawing the ground. Just as I reached the calf, the bull charged.

A retreat to the tractor was my only chance but the bull was already well on his way. My mind was racing frantically--keep running? lie down and play dead? God HELP me!
Out of nowhere, Renegade came
charging and barking. He passed between me and the bull, biting the bull on the face and turning it away from me. Needless to say, I was on my feet and on the tractor in no time. The bull stood stunned while Renegade proudly continued over to me.
God answered that frantic prayer in a most unusual way. If I close my eyes, the scene is still clear in my mind. My heart pounds just recalling it!

"Cry unto me and I will answer you and show you great and wondrous things that you know not." Jeremiah 33:3