Wednesday, March 20, 2013

let's soar....

It is cold again today in the South, after a few mild days that coaxed the Bradford Pears to bloom in pure white.The daffodils are curled up,completely dried out and the next act in my rock garden is the iris,my very favorite flower.In this warmer air I have even seen a hurried butterfly darting around the backyard.What do they do when it freezes again as it will tonight?

 There is a story that I have hesitated to tell .It has been swirling around my mind.Perhaps today we  need something of spirit .Something of mystery.So let's be brave and step out of what we know and can prove.Let's put on some fluffy wings and rip skyward,dipping,twirling, soaring in the infinite blue above us.

 The first thing that my family did when we went to Australia was to take a hike.Now, I had been hiking and felt confident that I could do this. We started up the road ,crossed the river and began a path that went up,up.This ordeal was straight up with no switchbacks and the sun had come out to bake our bones.I was not having fun but had committed to go to the gate.If I turned back alone, I would have to cross a bridge where my daughter had seen a very large snake.On we went and reached the gate but not the right one.I was exhausted but undeterred.Finally, we arrived and rested at the second gate.Nirvana.

 The view from there was stunning.Land that rolled and curved beautifully away, dotted with strangely shaped trees and inspiring vistas.Australia.

 On the way down, I stopped to rest on some rocks and urged the others to go on;I needed some solitude.I sat down,and looking around ,my gaze fell on a beautiful yellow butterfly.It seemed to fly close to me ,landing and flying off but not far.The whole time I was there,it never left.What I felt was comfort.So much so that I had to take a picture from that spot,butterfly eyes watching me.I wrote on the back of the picture..."it seemed like a visit and I was comforted."

 I put the picture away in my album and thought little of it.On Sunday, a young man who I know slightly, came up to me after Mass and said that he felt strongly that my Mother was with me in church.Very near.He hesitated to tell me but he had to.And then he said he saw a butterfly and would that mean anything to me.Did I have an encounter with one?If so, it was my Mom telling me she's near.



Anonymous said...

Flying with you...challenging flight!
The Bible seems to disprove any such ideas in Luke--the story of the rich man and Lazarus. The rich man, in Hell's torment, asks that someone be sent to warn his brothers before they die that they're on the wrong path. However, the answer given by Father Abraham is "...besides, no one can cross from here to there."
However, when the stately purple Jacaranda's bloom in our neighborhood, I walk along with a jaunty step, feeling my mother smiling close beside me. She loved their beauty so much.

Perhaps God, in His infinite unfailing love, uses things of beauty to allow precious contacts with those we love - in Heven before us. I can surely believe that.

Nice reminder to begin my day. Thanks!

sharon graham said...

Very interesting comment...perhaps there is no crossing over from Hades...but somewhere else???Yes, He speaks to us in all things and in all ways...when we get together,I hope soon, I will tell you the wonderful result of this happening...perhaps I will write the story as surely what has happened is meant for more than my your thoughts...Sha