Saturday, April 19, 2014


The corn is out on the grass but I doubt we'll see a turkey today The floodplain is, well, flooded. There is no way for the turkeys to come unless they fly which I believe they are wont to do.The woods with their new light green are a vision to these eyes.Where once was brown is such brightness that fairy land comes to mind.Every tree is bursting with newness.

My rock garden is lush , the Carolina Jessamine on the grey wooden fence has bright yellow cupped flowers and has drawn the first hummingbird,a colorful and quick male.A bumble bee too owns the vine and the other day a dark butterfly spent time.This is Holy Saturday, a time between.On this side, last night, Good Friday:church bare, no bells, somber songs,"Were you there when they crucified My Lord?"

Our Church was full of sinners last night.We who fall short but keep trying.The line to go up to venerate the cross went on forever it seemed.Humbled by the extraordinary death, we each filed by the rough wood and touched or kissed.I knew tears would come,they always do. What does this death on Good Friday mean?What did it mean to the deacon from Burma, the deacon who escaped from Castro's Cuba  as a young man, the deacon with only one arm, the lady from Kenya with the high green turban and two small children, the choir members, the Spanish soloist and the others.The man with the cane hobbling up the aisle.Nowhere have I seen a more universal group, we sinners.

Tomorrow is Easter.Rejoice,what was dead is alive.I see it in my time as well.A young man who is my godchild almost died from abuse of some kind and is resurrected to a new life ,one in the clean, pure air of the Georgia mountains. This noble soul had walked the way of the world and found it wanting .With great humility and courage, he embraced the hand of a priest offering him an opportunity to clean the slate.He took it.My hope for him is endless.

The last scene of the movie The Passion of the Christ is total black darkness.The tomb has been closed and there is no light.It goes on, this emptiness and then, an opening, a sliver of light as the stone slowly rolls away.We breathe a sigh of relief.It is not over; this glorious Life of healing, goodness and hope has not ended.And I see it in the woods and in the face of my godchild and his smile.

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