Sunday, April 13, 2014

the Hound of Heaven

O.K., so I've been told to be bold so off I go.Christ is the Center of the Universe.
Everything involves him whether we see it or not.We are the small insignificant blobs of grey rock circling the Center.We are put here to move in the direction of the Center and to become like the Center. But this is what is different.We are either heading towards or going away.The planets/blobs heading towards are taking a big risk. What being in His orbit will mean is undetermined.

I thought of this today as we read the Passion narrative at Mass.Noticing the folks in Christ's orbit on those dreadful last days.No one in that town was neutral.For or against or shamefully hiding in the groves of olive trees.Betraying, denying, weeping, and committing suicide. Something momentous was happening that has scarred the whole world forever. Bang, bang goes the hammer into the nails, into the wrists. Let me get as far from this as I can.

I actually think that anyone who has heard this story cannot be neutral.If you deny it happened at all, you still feel some discomfort about the story. If you think that it probably happened but who cares because it doesn't effect you anyway, it still leaves you wondering. Prophet? Healer? But if your heart is open a slight bit,watch out.Close that heart because you don't want to be disappointed again.Don't want to change. Don't want to not have the freedom to do exactly as you please.We instinctively know that something will be asked.

Once, I read a powerful poem as part of a memoir class that brought tears to the eyes of the writer who led the class.After, she asked me to meet for lunch and although we live far apart and our lives are full, something very mysterious happens between us.I will write to her about the marigolds I am planting because she wrote a wonderful book about India.She was thinking of nasturtium seeds when she got my e-mail and they are my favorites.She sent a picture of a pansy that speaks to her of Mary and I can see it.The mystery of that poem.

"I fled Him down the nights and down the days"..the poem starts...and then this:
"but with unhurrying chase.
and imperturbed pace,
deliberate speed and majestic instancy
They beat-and a Voice beat
more instant than the Feet,
'all things betrayest thee,who betrayest Me.'

This is the "Hound of Heaven."Those terrible Feet that will not stop pursuing.This is the light filled Center that will not rest until His love has been accepted by each of His brothers.

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