Wednesday, July 30, 2014


The other day, a link appeared on Facebook that I lacked the courage to explore.It showed a young man holding a gun to the head of a young white and grey cat that had its face fur pulled back by the man's other hand.What came next is too awful to think about.Apparently, because of Facebook, the man was arrested.

I have been watching all day from my reading chair for a squirrel that was under the bird feeder yesterday.As soon as I saw him, I knew something was wrong.He was closer to the ground than the others, darker and had no sharpness about him.As I watched, he would walk a bit dragging a leg along.Usually, if one squirrel gets too close to another's stash, off they go, chasing, muttering, all over the yard and up trees.No matter where this sad creature went, the others left him alone.At 4:30, he shuffled off and he is not here today.

Animals in distress have always grabbed my heart.I once saw an owl on a phone line in Florida.I was in my teens and this was a small fellow, grey and white .When he turned, I saw that he had one good eye and another pure white and empty.His little face haunts me still.

If I sit long enough,and thank God for retirement, I see some interesting animal behavior.The other day, a crow was in the trees near where the deer, raccoons, squirrels and birds were eating seed.He started calling and he was alone which is unusual.The creatures on the ground heard a tone or something and within a second the yard was empty.Not even a dragonfly remained.It was eerie until a hawk flew through a second later with incredible speed.I am convinced that the crow was sounding a warning and it was heard.

There is another story about two girls and a turtle that I won't tell but all of this got me thinking of connectedness.I have never had an experience that some have of seeing all the world as integrally connected.This mystical vision has not been given to me;but the way these abused or hurt animals haunt me is a sign.When that man grabbed the white and grey cat, something profound was dying in him.He has condemned himself to walking alone in this world.He will be fortunate if the face of that scared animal haunts him.

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