Thursday, July 17, 2014


Last night, I had another chat with my newly found classmate from high school.I have written of her before.Jackie still works in the helping field of psychology and through the years has heard many stories.Last night, she wanted to tell me of Tessa.When she met this young woman, she knew of her shaky upbringing.Dropping out of high school as soon as possible, seeking employment in the shady entertainment business, and all the rest.The future must have looked dim.Jackie wanted to tell me of the day they met and how she saw something in the girl. Just something. Years have passed, the girl is married, has a GED and along with a child,  a good career where she is well regarded.

I think Jackie wanted to share this because it makes her happy, what God can do in a life.I agreed with her but I saw something else in the story.I saw namaste, mystically given.In the Asian countries, bowing and saying namaste is common.In Hindu it means this: "I bow to the divine in you"or "I pay respect to the Lord residing in you."Wonderful greeting.And with the bow, "I also humble myself before you."Sometimes, I do this spontaneously as I did when saying good-bye to the Kentucky couple walking the Hadrian wall in England.My bow said,"I honor your efforts and thank you for bringing a bit of home to me."

This is what I saw when my friend told her story.When Tessa met her, Jackie didn't bow or say namaste but some of her light reached out to the light that Tessa didn't know she had.Jackie's warmth and acceptance honored this other vessel of God and Tessa felt it.And now knowing she had that light, she could only try to make it brighter.This is the glow I felt as Jackie shared.

My next sentence, Jackie will try to bat away when she reads it.Her last name when I knew her was D'Angelo, of the angels:Jackie of the angels.Yes and Amen.


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wonderful, thanks for sharing

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