Sunday, June 28, 2015

change your thinking

                        "Man is what he believes." Anton Chekhov

This brave new world that we are ushering in, is not really about the right of same sex partners to marry, although for some this may be so.The movement for "equal rights" has been wildly successful, and in my view, this is part of a co-ordinated effort to remove Christianity from influence in this country.It has been so for many years.It was subtle at the start.A few T.V.shows, where the perp on a murder spree is shown to have a cross on his wall.Or his looney Mother does.My husband and I wait for it.The movie "The Changeling" where the murderer's desk had a rosary, a Bible and a lit candle.Such devotion although the real killer was neither devout nor Catholic for that matter.Why that scene?
Oh, those crazy Christians, we all chuckle.Drip,drip,drip.

Christians and those fools who believe humans have souls and therefore have eternal worth, are in the way of "progress." We can marginalize these believers by branding them.Yea, that's the ticket.

In November of 1938, the horror began, Kristalnacht.SA paramilitary and non-jewish citizens began smashing windows of shops and synagogues owned by Jews.The German government looked on and did not intervene.Eventually, 30,000 Jewish men were sent away to camps for being,"un-German."Even though they had lived in Germany for ages and had been neighbors for that long, it was time.They weren't like "us."

Christians are now "haters" because they don't jump on every bandwagon that someone in the elite ether has decided is "progress."Oh, by the way, a van is coming for my neighbor, that sweet old lady who babysat my children.She's a Christian and you know what haters they are.Or maybe she had that 75th birthday and it's time for her go.Hat tip to Ezekiel Emanuel, one author of the ACA.Oh, you love your granny? Too bad, we need to make room for younger folks.

They are dinosauers these people of faith.Can't wait for them all to die off.Abortion on demand, sex with no limits, helpful death for the elderly, death for the handicapped.(where have I heard that before?)I think that my imagination is deficient to really get what's coming.Can we have home schooling where these Christians teach their kids about sin?Teaching about sin is hate.Bill 7689 will get rid of that antiquated concept.Won't pass this Congress, no problem, executive order.Here's an idea, first start to charge them more in tax if they home-school.Who is to stop us?If someone complains call them a name, hater or child abuser, will do for now.We do love labels.They work.

I wish to refer you to the history books,You need to go no further than the glorious USSR.That secular paradise was a perfect place of equality.And efficiency.Well, not so much, there were "wreckers" you know.How many were fighting to get in to that godless utopia?

You think that this can't happen in America ? When the van comes for me, will you even come out and wave or hug me good-bye? Or will you hide behind that sheer white curtain and be thankful you were smart enough to do what the President and Mrs, Clinton say we must:change our thinking.What happens if I don't?

Jesus, Lord of the Universe, help us.
Mary,Queen of the angels,pray for us.

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Anonymous said...

Powerful words. "Amen" to all of them!
The god of this world, Satan, has blinded the proud eyes of millions. We see only self--what I want/is beneficial to me. God is selfless and his followers must be also. But we were warned not to be blind to evil. "Be wily as serpents yet gentle as doves." "Try the spirits..." And finally, "come out from among them (faithless, godless, ungodly) and be ye separate.... Lord draw us ever closer to you. In you alone there is love, peace, and redemption.