Saturday, June 20, 2015

Writing your way Home-class 1

1.Welcome:introduce myself.We will be learning and teaching each other.

2.We are now going to write our memoirs...using 6 haiku but not in that format....just 6 words...that tells who you are...share.

3.Encourage journalling.....journalling examples.

4..Wrie down this quote..."Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant,there is no such thing.Making your unknown known is the important thing."

Who would like to volunteer to find out something interesting about the person who said that and print one of their art pieces that speak to you? Bring next week.

3.Some of this and that.

No writing police

You can write fact or fiction.


Pass can pass from sharing at anytime.

There is no grammar, spelling or punctuation police.We will not focus on grammar or spelling;just ideas and dreams.

There is no "wrong" because these are your stories.How can it not be glorious and courageous ?

Let it rip.Write for yourself and no one else.

Don't censor.

4.Feedback is always just the positive.Take notes.What did you like?

Any questions ?

5.2nd Quote:"The spirit of an object, if you sit long enough, will finally sneak through the back door and grab you."Andrew Wyeth.Who would like to volunteer to bring in a picture of a Wyeth painting and share with the class?

6.3rd quote"Any object, a table,  suitcase, statue can serve as the starting point, the seed of a story, just like the famous mustard seed of faith".Diane Schoemperlen."Our Lady of the Lost and Found"

7.Look at the objects before you.Take your time to pick one that has a story to tell through you.Then write that story.20-30 minutes.

Share with class.Class take notes if you wish and share any thoughts.

7.Homework: In detail, tell about one of the best days of your life.Bring to class next week and share.

Lorraine will facilitate next week's session.


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