Monday, April 25, 2011

Can you see Him?

Looking for the gifts.Being open to really look and listen.Look Jane,look.See and exult at all the gifts of these next fifty days.

A great pleasure of mine is to find lovely photos or paintings of others and move them to my picture file.In spare moments, to stroll among them, waiting for a story ,a connection to unfold.Yesterday,it was colored Easter eggs, today, "The Women at the Tomb" by Maurice Denis,the French painter who died the year I was born.They stand there all in calm blue,waiting.They seem frozen.

Yes, this is how I must walk the Path,with great calm.With open eyes looking for what is there and then moving towards it.But,we cannot rush this journey to Christ.The written Word left to us should be our guide.Each time we read a passage again,it has a brightness and newness because we have changed and His message is what we need now.

The painting of the women is all blue and yellow.Some raise their hands, others, heads bowed down.And a young girl with them.In the background, I see a yellow figure.Is that the Lord?They don't seem to see him in their grief.They are distracted by what has happened and don't know what to think.Their grief is filling their minds leaving room for little else.But they were brought here,these women who were so highly regarded by this Lord.

And finally, they recognize him and His words are,"Peace,Be not afraid".Such golden,perfect words for those distracted by life things.Peace.

I am going to pray with this wonderful painting and smile as I see Him right there in the background waiting for our eyes to clear and focus on what is important.Which, of course,is the shining,bright yellow,holy, haloed peace bringer Himself.


Margo said...

Thank you, Sharon. This is a beautiful painting and a beautiful reflection. Touched my heart. God's blessings, Margo

Michelle Twin Mum said...

May peace be upon us all.

Thanks, Mich x