Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Do you want to be healed ?

photo by Kris

The lone pathetic looking man, matted hair in his eyes,sits on his green, nearly pulled apart mat, and waits as he always does in the portico by the sheep pool.No one notices him but all know him.The man who has been ill for 38 years and never can get to the pool in time to be healed.He is so weak that he is always beaten in the rush to the waters when they stir.Sad.

But the One notices and asks this mysterious question:"Do you want to be healed"?
John 5:6.Why ask that question?Wouldn't anyone?

When I was a teen-ager there was a popular movie about a young actress,"Marjorie Morningstar".In the movie, Gene Kelly played a talented,ambitious director.As the story unfolds we see the Kelly character time and again acting in a way that would guarantee his failure.I couldn't understand this self sabotage.Did he want to succeed?

In my early twenties my father,a chronic alcoholic who I believed had ruined my life, stopped drinking for good.One would think I could be found dancing witless in the streets.Yes, I was glad BUT a part of my was distinctly uneasy.It was a humbling grace that led me to understand just how much I had used his drinking to explain away my failures.Did I want him healed and myself to take responsibility?

And in all the times at the pool why did no one help this man ?Was he bitter and used his anger to keep people away?If he was healed, would he no longer have that strength that comes from anger?

And then there are the Jews who, not seeing the miracle ,noticed with sharp eyes and righteous hearts the carrying of a mat on the Sabbath.When I got to that part of the gospel I felt a deflation of my spirit that I always feel when someone close to me disparages a wonderful happening.Do I do that?

Lastly, who am I like in this story ?Do I not see the sad faces but notice that slight infraction against what I see as truth?Or am I a person who accepts the healing of Christ and his demand that I stop blaming others who don't take me to the water."Stand up! Pick up your mat and walk".John 5:8.Stop clutching to your pain and shame and let me heal you and then get moving towards a better life with Me.

Rich in questions,humble in knowing,lead me, Lord.


Missy said...

Interesting. I wondered too why no one helped him to the water.

Anonymous said...

Your incisive, honest questioning of your own motives is thought-provoking and motivating. How easy it is to wallow in problems and blame them, when WE have the power--through our faith--to overcome any obstacle. I have been challenged by this writing :)

sharon graham said...

Dear Anon,

Thank you for dropping by and letting me know that my post has spoken to you;it means alot to me.God bless.

matthew said...

Thank you

Matt J