Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Got a plan???

Last night, I spoke with a dear friend.She is going through a very difficult time and I can tell that she feels like a rowboat on the ocean being buffeted by squalls and waves as high as the clouds.She is riding the waves and can't find a way to put her feet on sure ground.Her fear of the future is overwhelming.As we talked, it seemed to us that if she had a plan for each coming day of what she would do ,she might be able to get focused on just one day at a time.

The more that I thought of this, the dawning came that I should do this as well.When I worked for BellSouth Mobility, each morning I made a list of what I wanted done that day.I crossed through each item as it was finished with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.It seems that most of my list-less peers achieved half of what I was able to do and enjoyed the job less.

So what do I do with this unique day? This is my list today.

-Start with this prayer:Creator God, I thank you for this unique, never to be repeated day you have entrusted to me.Show me what to do to make it holy.

-Get outside for at least ten minutes.We were made for the natural world and we need to witness the trees,leaves,colors, breeze and sounds.

-Write something on my blog.

-Ask the people that I live with if I can do something for them.

-Take the hand of someone I love and hold it this day for a few minutes.Look in their eyes.

-Call a friend to see how they are.

I have done half of these and am having a very "present",good day.
Small things you say and I agree but what would it feel like for us to view each day as a gift that we can do something with.Let's plan for that.Many people plan for retirement,death,etc.and just let life happen.Carpe Diem,seize this day, savor it and share the love.

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Ryan said...


This prayer
"Creator God, I thank you for this unique, never to be repeated day you have entrusted to me.Show me what to do to make it holy." is simply everything that needs to be said.

You never fail to inspire me, and I hope that your friend can feel the same inpiration when she is with you. Today is today, unique, precious and Holy. Each second that ticks past is an opportunity to "be", not wish for, or want or need..
Blessings my friend. and I thank you for your previous comments on my blog.. I have been blessed with Love and those dark and heavy clouds have been wiped away... the sun shines more brightly than the last remenants of sorrow.. I give thanks for this blessed unique day!