Monday, November 7, 2011

How did this happen?

This posting is a not the usual fare for me but my thoughts are swirling and I need to lay them out and see what's there.

By all accounts,the Penn State Football program is one of the cleanest, most student centered in the nation.No NCAA violations, no thugs coming out of jail to play running back.A strong moral coach who has given his life to develop student athletes.What then can one say but,"How did this happen?" How could one of his former coaches be seen sexually abusing a ten year old by a Graduate Student in the school locker room? And since this wasn't that student's son, he ran away from the scene and the rape continued.God help us.

This seems to dovetail with a horrendous story that has the Chinese society doing some introspection.A two year old toddler wandered away from home there and into traffic.A mini-bus hit her,the driver kept going and 16 people walked or biked by until finally another truck hit her and she died.Authorities said that instant help might have saved her.Was she left to die because she was a female?

In the People's Republic of China couples are allowed one child.Forced abortion is common and it is not a stretch to think that the parents of this tiny little girl are childless now.

The leaves in the woods are yellowing and it looks like golden mist out there.The cool air refreshes and the rich smell of decaying leaves seems to hang in the darkening sky.It looks like all is well and there is no evil.But in the place in Pennsylvania that they call Happy Valley, a dark figure walks slowly around the green grass.His smile is horrifying to see as he thinks of the pain he has caused to boys,parents,students,coaches,a whole community.This chaos is his job and we ignore what he does at our peril.

"For God formed man to be imperishable;the image of his own nature he formed him.But by the envy of the evil one,death has entered the world,and they who are in his possession experience it". Wis 2:23-24

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Anonymous said...

How true the sayings are:
"Silence is complicity."
"When good men do nothing, evil flourishes."

We are all human, born with a sin nature. Anyone can fall from grace through his own surrender to temptation. However, it is very hard to understand how anyone claiming to follow Christ can repetitiously continue in sin and enjoy it. Or, how good men can stand by and do nothing when they become aware of such evil.

Anyone who doesn't believe the Bible, isn't a student of history or current events. It's all there in black and white..."the thoughts of men were only evil all the time" (Genesis; description of world in Noah's day) and the world has been getting worse since that time. Scary, isn't it?

Take heart! God is All-knowing, All powerful and Just. Those young ones who were taken advantage of are His precious children. He will exact punishment in His time.
"Vengence is mine saith the Lord."