Thursday, August 16, 2012

a day surrounded by light

Some days in the calendar are surrounded by light.August 15th is such a day.The Catholic Church holds that Mary was assumed into heaven on this date and never faced the corruption that human bodies endure.This day is set aside by the Church to honor her special role in salvation history.

My Mother passed from this life on that day in 1996 after having pneumonia.I had been told by my sister that she was recovering.I assume this is a painless death and one that takes many at her golden age of 83 but still it was a shock.Her funeral was a disappointment.So few people there .She had moved away from her Long Island home and few knew her in Connecticut.One cousin came, my sister,brother-in-law,many nieces and my children and husband.This is all that filed into the first few pews.But after the Mass, a group of ladies from the church said the rosary together and I felt such comfort.Strangers saying good-bye with prayer.The Body of Christ.

And now in 2012, on this shimmering ,shining ,light filled day, a new granddaughter entered our world.A delicate, beautiful girl with tiny nose and fingers and long black hair that asks for a pink bow.We saw her last night and most reluctantly ,I left her.I could have stared all night.

She,the little sprite, whose healthy birth was so in question.This little being whose ancestors prayed for her and desperately wanted her here,as I saw in a vision.She is here,ancient ones,and so beautiful.

I wouldn't have written this indulgence had it not been for an e-mail I received today.I have a writer friend who means so much to me.She isn't Catholic but she knows Mary and loves her.She recently has struggled to get a book published.I cannot imagine the work and frustration. She wrote:"I was so  discouraged,dis-couraged ,until Assumption Day.... as always,our Blessed One saved me again......she never rejects anyone.... and so I felt calm when I thought of her. Ave Maria."


Missy said... glad the baby is here!

Connie said...

your stories are such a gift, thanks for letting us in on good news! God tethers it all together!

Garnette Arledge said...

After we talked on-line, and before I read your Holy Writing. I remember that my mother, or Garnette I as we called her, was born on August 15. It's been almost fifty years since she died. When I asked her on the last day if she were at peace. She said, "Yes, are you?" Another reason I love our Mother in Heaven.

Thank you, Sharon, for this recovered memory. And your good news, happy baby. Love, g

Margo said...
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Margo said...

So happy for her safe arrival and the gift of new life. I found this poem online ...

God bless this perfect little one,

Keep her safe and sound.

Bless her tiny hands and feet,

so she may conquer and defeat.

Brighten her spiritual eyes,

so that she may undoubtedly become wise.

Bless her cute little mouth,

So your name she can shout.

But most of all bless her little mind,

to stay heavenly divine.

Oh! Bless her parents too

For the big job they've got to do.

sharon graham said...

Thank you,friends ,for once again adding to my story and my the prayer,Margo and the fact of your Mother's BD,Garnette....and your kind words ,Connie and your happiness,Missy..richness abounds..

Mary kingston said...

You were there. Your dear and beautiful Mother would have not cared that the Church was not filled to capacity. You were there sitting and kneeling in the pew.You nodded your head and honoured her . Beloved Mother rest in the sheer love of God. You were there . xo