Sunday, August 19, 2012

words matter...duh

When I worked in the Jonesboro office of BellSouth many years ago,I worked with mostly women,mothers like me supplementing income or forging a career.Two stand out because of something that happened in Kroger today.

The first lady,Connie, always replied to the query of:"How are you ?",with "Just wonderful".Always ,every day,the same.Some days ,if needed ,one would seek her out for those lovely words of hers.I feel the glow still.The other lady,Cindy ,always said with great dreariness,"I'm here."Always the same.

I wonder who has better health now.Is there a connection?

Anyway,today as I pushed my cart down an aisle to get tuna fish, a middle aged woman with black hair  was selecting soup from across the aisle and her cart blocked my way.Good for both of us that I had plenty of time.Eventually, she saw me and moved over with a smile.I asked her how she was ,and she said:"Thankful".Wow!We beamed at each other and went our ways.

Think of that: as she strolled the aisle instead of thinking of the price of apples,maybe she was thankful that there are apples,that she has eyes to see them and hands to reach for one. Thankful.

My mind goes to a revelation that I had regarding a difficult family time recently.ONLY,only, when I thanked God for it, did my heart calm and my view become hopeful.When I did this,I became part of the current of the river of grace flowing from God, instead of an impediment.

"In all things give thanks..."not just the ones that please me.

Turning, is a constant turning towards the Good and the blessings that hang from every branch and
cloud;that come from every face in every place.Amen.


Anonymous said...

Dear friend, what a meaningful writing! You certainly have developed the 'eyes of faith' that the Bible speaks of. Nothing else can bring such peace and joy into our lives as seeing things God's way. It makes the journey so much wiser, peaceful and enjoyable. Thanks for the timely reminder.

sharon graham said...

Lovely comment,Anon,my faithful keep me going...

Garnette Arledge said...

For me, writing comes easy. For me, reading your blog is always, All Ways, inspiring. For me, writing on my blog is excruciating - I don't know why. So I am thanking God after reading your meditation just now. Perhaps it was not procrastination but a miracle to thank God for the ability, opportunity, the struggle to burst into my blog now. Love, g

Anonymous said...

After your thought provoking blog, I read this devotional this morning. It's a bit lengthy but I think it will touch you. The writer said:
"...When I feel sorry for myself, I remember Diane O'Dell. At three years she was stricken with polio and lived 58 years in an iron lung. During a power failure, her parents' generator failed to start and she died at 61."
"I have never seen an iron lung, been victim of a tornado, hurricane, or earthquake, flood or fire. Never had a heart attack, cancer...or even an ulcer. Never been in a car crash, plane crash, shipwreck... None of my family has committed suicide, been raped, attacked by a wild animal or roadside bomb. I've never been electrocuted, hung, burned at the stake or even jailed. I've been spared from drug or alcohol addiction."
"I want to cry out with David, "O that men might praise the Lord for His goodness...(Psalm 107).

Isn't that rich? It just fits with what you wrote so beautifully. I am humbled again!

sharon graham said...

Two wonderful comments that make my heart warm....yes,and yes, praise and thanks are the keys to the balance and joy of life...thank you,friends..

Missy said...

Thank you for the new perspective on the grocery store! I hope I remember it next time I go!