Wednesday, April 17, 2013

judging His beloveds

I travel the back roads when I go to the monastery in Conyers for my "pruning."It is a pleasure to go in this manner;past horse paddocks, over a stream, on roads that pass azalea festooned yards.On this trip I noticed Bussell Rd. and remembered a classmate of mine,Pat Bussell.She was tall, had pretty blond hair and a lovely smile but she also was clumsy and despite her height,didn't play on the basketball team or sing in the glee club.So, I never gave her much thought.Sadly,she passed away before the high school reunion in 2011.

I don't look for signs but they come anyway.Given that my retreat seemed to be about harsh judging on my part,I needed to spend time with this.

We all judge and we must.To survive we have to make quick decisions about people and events .I recall reading about a young woman who had been assaulted in an elevator.Later,she told of the door opening, a solitary man standing there and the hair on her neck going up.Something scared her but she didn't want to hurt his feelings so she stepped in and he hurt more than her feelings.If we are walking down a dark street alone and hear laughter behind us and notice it is three young women  arm in arm strolling along ,we will judge this as safer than three young men with backward ball caps.And that judgment will come quickly because we decide those things all the time.

Then there is a judging that isn't required for safety.This type is part of who I am for whatever reason.The exclusionary Pat Bussell judging that decides that this person is not like me so ................This is the decision that labels and excludes and I wonder now what have I missed with this selection process?

This area that needs pruning, being revealed to me by my merciful Lord is palatable.I took it to prayer and said:"Help."Some time later, I received an answer that I share with you should you need help:

-see that person dressed all in white.
-see the bright light shining within.
-listen to Me say:She is my beloved.

So when I am on the indoor track and the person ahead of me is hogging the whole width, has earphones on so I have to stop and tap a shoulder, my second thought is:"This is His beloved."I don't think that I have ever found something that is more true and I smile.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that! It stretched and challenged me.
ps. ( I, too, recall Pat Bussell: awkward but so sweet.)

sharon graham said...

it is a challenge for all of us...thanks for your honesty and reading my are a jewel and a gem...