Monday, March 3, 2014

a pen rests on paper...

She was a runner, a writer and then a mother of four boys and a grandma and she is gone.I see her thin freckled face and lithe body running the streets of Boston as a young woman.A marathoner.But the way I knew her was through her words,her books.Her strange way of writing 'i" for herself,small letter and the word Jesus ,capitalized in her writing and her life.

As we left Mass Sunday, I remarked to my husband that no other gospel needs to be read once one has absorbed this:"Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all will follow."This is all I need to know and in my life I have seen this...the drifting away,the cessation of praying and then slowly something slips into the driver's seat and it looks alot like ego.And my life becomes tattered,frayed and senseless.I am captive to something other than God.The small "i" is such a potent reminder of the balance our lives should be.

When I was a new believer , in the early 70s, a small votive candle in a shallow yellow bowl, my path was sprinkled with giants .Writers who blew gently on the flame and kept it going:Annie Dillard, C.S. Lewis,Thomas Merton.With pen in hand, they shared their faith and made me thirsty for God.And also ,Ann Kiemel.

I read many of her books in the 70s,in awe of her love of God and her single minded devotion to sharing that love.With everyone she met.With joy.

A year ago, after not seeing her books anywhere, I grew curious.I found her on-line with her own blog where she continued to encourage, and show the way.I so enjoyed stopping by and drinking in her words once again.And then she was very ill and a few days ago she passed away.Sadness is all around me.I found this which I will keep posted by my computer for the rest of my days:June 5,2011 Ann's blog""I believe that we are in a race.All running,side-by-side.along the often narrow and chastising road,to the Celestial city.i believe we should grab hands ,and pick each other up when we fall,and whisper hope even when our spirits are down and we are weary of the twists and turns of life.Yes! i believe . in a Savior who lived and died for our sins, and because of Him,we are free,untangled and delivered from ourselves and our addictions..........please.believe too."i have finished the Race ,i have kept the faith".2timothy 4:7.

Amen and eternally I thank you,Ann.

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