Sunday, March 30, 2014

being Christ......

The sun is brilliant on this crisp, blowy Spring afternoon.The bright white Bradford pear flowers tumble like snow across the grass and we are in mid-Lent.It is Laetare Sunday ,where the priest's vestments are beautiful pink.A break from the purple and penance ;as if the Church is saying,take a break from the gloom and the Good Friday that we know is coming and remember,even though He is coming,He is here.I believe.

Since coming to deeply assent to the fact that Holy Communion is Christ, so many nudges and dreams putting me there,I am starting to see receiving in a new way.How many of us ,me included,have other things on our minds when we stroll up to the altar.And this is where I believe I have been led to something new.Christ is not magic.Taking him into myself does not change me,just by that fact.I need to be aware and have intention for this to take place.And shuddering,I need to humbly ask that I become Christ.Whatever that means or whatever that means.What that will look like is unknown to me,rather like blowing through the air like a feather, but I must assent to it each time I approach the altar.After, I asked to see a bit of what that might mean and the word boldness came,thus this very personal writing.

If I believe that the Eucharist is Christ and that Christ is all that matters ,as has been shown to me,then how can I not be bold?

This pink and white ,most colorful,glorious,bold,scary,windy Sunday is like no other.I give it into your hands as a gift.

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that was great good friend,love ya