Thursday, March 6, 2014

an unlikely friendship....

Photo by Kris

She is a scientist and I am a dreamer.We have the most unlikely friendship;she being in her 30s and me,having leaped over the 70 mark.Kris and one of my sons dated and though they parted,we have stayed connected through the years.Our differences are many,politically,we are far apart and faith-wise,although you know where I am, I would hesitate to categorize her.I know that she  does believe in snow angels.Smile.

I have told Kris many times that God has blessed me through her with her incredible pictures of angels,colorful Saints and seeds from the Bartram estate.And something blue.

Kris has so may wonderful qualities but today,what stands out is the unquestioned loyalty she has to my blog.I am grateful.She was the first to suggest that I write a book.Sweet words to a writer.Kris doesn't always comment but if I write about the river behind our house which is holy ground to both of us,she lets me know how much she likes what I wrote.And if a post should be about animals, she will comment and even cry.What more could this humble writer want?

Which brings me to a most incredible happening from last night.I mentioned on yesterday's post the many deprivations of Lent:the missed carmel coffeemated java,the cold morning walks to church,missed sleep, the hands off the computer until noon and the Lent that I gave up "The Lone Ranger".And about missing the episode where we would find out why the mask and the Indian.

Last night, Kris sent me a message on Facebook that went like this:"I hope this doesn't cause bad Lent karma, but here is The Lone Ranger episode that explains what you missed."The radio episode was attached and as I clicked, I heard that familiar "Hi Ho, Silver" and the William Tell Overture.Amazing.And today, Lent is no longer deprivation but riches.

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kris spikes said...

Ha! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I can only imagine what a flashback that must have been for you. I listened to a few of the shows last night and they're so cool. Happy Lenting and know that I too cherish our unexpected friendship. Love you Mrs. G! :)