Monday, June 30, 2014

a window in Bladon....

Once, a few years ago, a photo caught my eye.It was on a blank white wall; the frame was brown wood.A simple picture of a thin, high window that was in a chapel on the isle of Iona off the coast of Scotland.That photo took me on a journey Iona and a Mass said by a priest next to that very window.The view from it was of deep green grass, a brown and white cow and a small herd of sheep.The priest was from America and we had a nice chat afterwards.The chapel was named St.Michael's and I seem to run into him whenever I travel.

I have written before of my deep love of windows.How we moved into this open floor plan house with many, and added three more.Perhaps it is genetic, because I know from history that my Irish ancestors had to pay extra to the English for each window they possessed; an unbelievable "window tax."Meh.Being poor farmers, I am sure they denied themselves this "luxury" of windows.

So, being a bit obsessed, I took some extra time in St.Martin's Church in Bladon, England this June, looking for inspiration.Winston Churchill, the hero of WW 11 Britain, is buried in the church yard and I left the church to take a picture of his grave.It was overcast and rather grim outside but as I left , I noticed a small uniquely designed window on the outside wall.I just had to see what the stained glass contained, which required going in and then up on the altar of this Anglican Church.The bus was waiting but I was determined and there it was.One of the most beautiful windows I had ever seen.I could have sat under it all day and been held by it's peace.

I told this story to a dear friend, of being led to this beautiful, holy, out of the way art, and she got chills.Mystical light through blue glass will do that.And angels.

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Missy said...

Looks like it was worth tracking it down and making the bus wait!