Sunday, June 29, 2014

"I am with you,,,we are One."

Something happened at Mass the other day that will be difficult to describe  adequately.We are usually early, so I knelt down with my litany of requests and then something changed.It wasn't a voice or a touch, but somehow my attention was gently turned in different direction. Suddenly , as if the sun had come out, I began to see other things clearly.Things in front of me. I was there, really there.I saw a man a few pews ahead smiling and getting ready to sing.He is almost bald and has a huge scar on the side of his head.I recently found out that he , many years ago,  had a brain aneurysm and was not expected to live through the night.And then when he did, his family was told he would be a vegetable. I smile thinking of him ahead in that pew.

To his right is the Delta employee from Puerto Rico who, yearly, takes groups from our church to Honduras to help the people in our sister parish.His efforts have enabled running water to come to the town for the first time ever.Across the aisle is the young couple my daughter's age who struggled to have a family and almost gave up after having just one son  when a brother, aged 4 and sister, aged three, needed parents.I looked at the five of them and wonder where those beautiful dark haired children would be now without their adoptive parents.Behind them is a friend of mine who suffered widowhood for many years.She and another widow in her sixties from the church have become great buddies, travel together and help each other with doctor appointments etc.To my right is the older man whose wife died several years ago.After she passed, he came right to church and we cried and hugged through the Mass.

The Body of Christ.

Today's hymn spoke to me and I would like to share it.This is my belief:

"I am with you,I am with you, I am with you.We are One."


Anonymous said...

just beautiful, thanks for sharing. xo Mims

sharon graham said...

Mims,you are awesome...thanks for reading....

Missy said...

Such a good reminder-I am usually looking inward at church, not outward.