Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday June 17-Hadrian's Wall.

When I was packing for my trip to the British Isles, one of my sons asked if I would be seeing Hadrian's Wall.It wasn't on the agenda, I was sorry say.Well, guess what ? Because we couldn't go to Windsor Castle, we went a wee bit out of the way and saw what's left of this Roman stone barrier.When built, it extended 75 miles across Northern England.It's purported goal was to  keep out the northern people ,the Picts, who most likely scared the invading Romans witless.The Picts had great patience and disdained clothes in favor of bizarrely painted skin.They could stand up to their eyes in water for hours waiting to launch themselves on the hated Romans.

We got off the bus for a brief glimpse of what was once a 10 foot wide, 16 to 20 feet high wall.Now, it is barely a few feet high ,but it is still there after being built in 121 A.D.Think of that for a minute.

As we prepared to make our way back to the bus, I saw an older couple , dressed in hiking gear coming in toward to stones.They both had travel books in their hands and the covers showed pictures of the wall.They were hiking guide books to the whole wall and they had a planned to hike along it's length.Awesome.Then I found out they were from Kentucky,of the good old USA, and it made me smile.Saunter on, my compatriots, along this most ancient wall and breath in that clear sweet air of the countryside of England.


Garnette Arledge said...

"a wee bit" made me laugh! Wouldn't want to walk that far but for someone who walked/prayed the way of the Camino, I can understand your perspective.

For me, this delightful blog entry invokes wonderful memories of walking a few paces at this wall with my daughter when she did her junior year in Scotland. I had been reading about Hilda, who was Celtic Christian leader, opposed by the Roman Church - she was from this area so I wanted to pay my respects.

sharon graham said...

Thank you for your comments...I will have to look up Hilda.....to be at the Tower of London on the feast of St.Thomas More was not a co-incidence....much more when I get some sleep...up at 5:30 in error....I am glad it evoked memories for you..love-

Anonymous said...

wonderful, missed your writings....Mims