Saturday, June 11, 2011

are you a writer?

I am.An unpublished,probably never to be published writer,who has found this deep well of grace inside that strains to be out.This is all I know.That the world I see,smell and revel in, needs to find its way through me and onto a page.

The extraordinary glimpses of the invisible world,the surprises,never to be imagined answers to prayers, need to be held up so the sparkles can be seen.Like a strobe light turning again and again to catch each panel's shining.

I once walked a labyrinth and in that still green meadow heard this:"find a way to let the "Godness" inside your center flow out into the world."So I watch and listen .I take pictures to capture the moment of beauty or grace and later, in writing ,I poke around in the roots of the happening to see its meaning.

I am a writer of bounty,of surprises,answered prayers,sparkles,and reveling.Writing.


Paul Hawkins said...

Yes... Wonderful to see your post today. Thank you for phrasing the title as a question. I needed to answer that question out loud today.

Garnette said...

Let's talk about publishing when we see each other. I've made that a goal for this year. For the wonder of it all.

Kirsta said...

Lovely! I too write to find the connections between ... well... everything, really. Sometimes there is awe at the elegant simplicity, sometimes there is amusement at the complex webs. But like you, I write.

Missy said...

I like your answer. It just comes out! I love the photo too!