Friday, June 10, 2011

day lilies

Is there anything sadder looking than a lily, the day after?It hangs,shriveled,dripping and dead.I clip the dead flowers each morning so the others don't have to be near this sad,useless thing.More than once I have thought,"Why can't they last longer?"

I have read that scientists are working on this very thing:to extend the blooming time of a day lily.Isn't this so "us"?Not satisfied with these gorgeous,multi-budded flowers.Wanting to make them better.But the question arises,how many days is enough?Will a Two Day Lily satisfy?I can hear the grumbling,"only two days."Maybe we can make them bloom in January with a little work.

But the lily blooms for one day in many colors and in hardy abundance.These are the lilies that Scripture said will be taken care of by the generous God.They don't pout because they have just one day.I am here for just a day as well when I consider the eons of time.

This brings to mind a Chinses saying that I have read,"If you have two loaves of bread ,go and sell one and buy a lily."


Ry said...

A beautiful reminder of our human-ness to tamper with what is already perfection. One of our biggest life lessons to take to heart. Every and all have their time to flourish, and add colour to this world.. all have their time to leave behind what we have created of ourselves... thank you for the gentle reminder my friend..

Missy said...

My favorite flower! I love them. I never thought of them this way-I guess because there are so many blooms that I focus on the prettiest ones at the time. Ane what does that say about me? Hmmm.