Wednesday, April 25, 2012

the cherry blossom offer

I recall once being in a Psychology class at Hofstra University in the mid-60s.The topic was suicides and the Professor asked if we knew what season registered the most individuals taking their own lives.As the class thought about it,I pictured Long Island winter in my mind.That bitter cold never ending season where the sun just left town for six months and the days grew dark after lunch it seemed.Or the dog days of summer when one grew tired of green droopy leaves and the ever glaring hot sun that made everyone snappish and sluggish.Certainly not the colorful, brilliant leaved Fall when the air cooled and running was effortless and a pleasure.And certainly never,never Spring.


The professor explained why he thought that Spring contributed to such despair.The glorious colored season of warmth and beauty was too much for some compared to the grey,flat plain of emptiness inside of them.The contrast left them hopeless.


Thinking about this today, I wonder.Perhaps it is a lack of trust.Perhaps one thinks:I see all this stunning change and know ,just know, that I can never match it.I cannot change,my life is set,it will never be better.Spring will be gone in six months just like any good in my life.It's a mirage and I don't believe in it.

When I think of Spring ,I see this: It is a small pink cherry flower warmed by the afternoon sun and it rests in the palm of God.He is holding it out and saying:"This is all the love there is and I offer it to you.It is free and forever.Hold it to your cheek,feel the softness and the warmth.Hold it close to your heart and let it change you ."And we turn away because it is too good to be true, like Spring.


cheryl beiter said...

My Dear Sharon,
I have tried to get on to your logs without much success (???) but needed some hope this weekend. A very dear friend (my maid of honor in my first wedding) lost her 40 yr old son to suicide. We cried together over an hour on the phone (marital problems and left 2 9 yr old twin boys). Gail was my brother's girlfriend all through high school and we have kept in touch (they live in Vermont). Then today, I just opened fb and saw your problems getting logged on!! ?? My feelings of sadness and lonliness have been overwhelming the last few days...need this! Thank you my dear friend for allowing God to use you to help others!! I am so very blessed to have you as my friend!!

sharon graham said...

Cheryl,Your words touch me and make me glad that I keep throwing my stuff out there.God bless you and Gail and her family.Prayers for all.So sad.