Friday, April 6, 2012


I stood once a few years ago on the bank of the Flint River with my yellow Lab.It was one of his last days and I wanted him to see it again.This river that he and our other dog always raced to if they found a door ajar.I stood next to him as he gazed into the brown water that slowly passed by his eyes.What was he thinking?Did he know that the tumor growing in his gum was inoperable and we soon would have to let him go?

A hawk circling above let out a cry and my dog looked up and followed the circular motions of the
grey/brown raptor.What was he thinking as he stared heavenward.He was so calm and complete sitting there being with all that he explored in his 13 years.

I have read that dogs only see in three colors,shades of yellow,blue and grey.My garden today is awash in purple,pink,white and red and it is a joy to look at.Dogs see much better than we but not these colors.
Today, I am grateful for colors;I can't help but smile when I see the pale purple iris open again bringing its glory to my yard with no effort on my part.It bloomed last year and for years before that ,nothing.I don't take it for granted.

Maybe,on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge,dogs will see the berries red and bright,the pale pink peony that is in my green pot,the orange and red trumpet vine.And that the hawk was brown and grey and still cries above the water.


kris spikes said...

Sagan. Sweet boy.

sharon graham said...

I so miss them both.Thanks for dropping in.