Wednesday, April 25, 2012

they're watching us

picture by Kris

Growing up in the peaceful suburb of Uniondale, on Long Island,it didn't take much to notice the proliferation of bars.There seemed to be one on every corner or at least three or four per town.I recall passing a new strip mall in East Meadow and my Mother saying,"Well, the first filled store has a flashing BAR sign outside."It was a clever sign for the Barrel Inn.The BAR would be lit up ,then the whole sign.I am sure many a drink passed over that bar in these fifty years or so. Cheers!

In Georgia, these watering holes are absent ,replaced with Baptist Churches.Instead of snow, purple scented lilacs and bars,we have honeysuckle and churches.When people here say,"Bless your little heart",they mean it.And that's what I like about the South.
Instead of the flashing BARREL INN sign today I saw this outside a small church that we pass often on the way to ours: "They're watching us:do they see Christ ?"

Think about that.What do people see when they see me?

I recall a story that touched me profoundly.A man was wandering the street of Rio de Janiero in Brazil hanging on to to a last glimmer of hope and losing that battle.His thoughts were black and heading in the direction of a plan to end it all.He paused on a street corner to take a breath and looked in the window to a T.V. On the screen was a picture of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta in her simple white and blue garb, with a radiant smile and gnarled hands that were clutching a thin ,dying child.At that moment, the desperate man a world away, knew that God hadn't abandoned this earth.He walked away with a more hopeful heart.Who did he see?

Who do people see when they see me?

The only reason I am here,in my view,is to be an open conduit for His love.Nothing more.

Ps 63
...For your love is better than life,my lips will speak your praise. the shadow of your wings,I rejoice.My soul clings to you;your right hand holds me fast."


Anonymous said...

Wonderful meditation today!

My favorite catechism question was
Q. "Why did God make me?" (remember that...Cat101?)
A. God made me to KNOW him, LOVE him and 'to SERVE him in this world', and to be happy with Him in the next. The same responsibility/opportunity is offered to EVERYONE, no matter how poor, sinful, or unloved.

I believe this is my true purpose in life. May God grant us the wisdom to see the divine appointments He places in our pathway each day, and to respond to each one with His unfailing love.

The beautiful song:
"May Those Who Come Behind Us Find Us Faithful"
sounds this same message.

sharon graham said...

Thank you for your beautiful comment and for coming to my writing bench to see what's on my