Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Dream

In the early morning hours of this spring Sunday,I awoke to a dream that seemed to have been going on forever.When I went back to sleep, it continued.It was a dream that was so full of meaning for me,so unforgettable, that I want to put it down and offer it as a Easter gift to you,my reader.

I was in the Catskill mountains and great flooding was beginning to occur.All the streams that I have loved since childhood were swollen and raging.I knew that I needed to collect my family members and find a way out before the roads and bridges became impassable.For some reason, my family, including  grandchildren ,kept dawdling and collecting odd things to bring ,seemingly oblivious to the danger.
I was frantic and full of fear and then this came to my mind,a string of words over and over."Exult and praise,exult and praise" and I calmed and knew that I was receiving something precious, a leading for my life.Not only were the words said,but to be sure that I got it, they were written out for me in letters.

I know what praise is,that delicious gift of affirmation that we give to others.I recall my youngest son beaming at me and saying" I love when you praise me,Mom."The other word is less familiar so I looked it up and do I love this word.Exult:to rejoice greatly,to be jubilant,to leap forward,especially for joy.From the Latin exultare-to spring out. Don't these words just make your heart swell?Wonderful words as the pink blossoms spring out of my garden and the bluebirds fly out of their box.

The dream was a long one because I am slow to see meanings but by the time I woke up on this enchanting, shining Easter morning, I knew the direction I had been given:I am to exult as I get out of bed each morning and praise the Giver of the new day.I am to deliberately look for things to praise the Creator for and in times of trouble,my focus should not be on running for safety, but on praising the One who holds all of my life in His hands.

I know this but it must be very important that I do it.Why else would I have been taken ,in such a real way,on a journey to the mountains of my youth and had these golden words chiseled deeply into my heart:Exult,Sharon, and praise.


Margo said...

What a special Easter gift. Thanks for sharing your dream.

Margo said...

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