Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ashes,ashes,we all fall down...


Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.Many Christians will go to church and hear these words,as ashes are placed on their foreheads: "Remember man, that you are dust and to dust you will return."An unwelcomed thought in 2012 America where some pay millions to be freeze dried, awaiting a miracle cure for that which caused their death.

I thought of this quoted sentiment as I watched a small grey hawk dancing on the sparrow that he grabbed from our feeder yesterday.The hawk was twice the size of a Mourning Dove and had his prey pinned to the ground.The sparrow was either being crushed or better positioned as the hawk trod on him,while looking around for danger.The sparrow had no notion that this would happen as he happily ate at the feeder.Whitney Houston didn't know that the day before the Oscars would be her last.

The message of Ash Wednesday is: Nothing is guaranteed ,and are you where you should be in relation to the Creator?If not, perhaps this might be a good time to think of turning.That is what Lent is  about.Turning from the time consuming, frantic, fruitless endeavours of our lives to the real Point of it all.Penance is the way to get there.Sorrow for sin and a desire to walk more closely with the Lord.How those words cause unease and hope at the same time.

Ashes,ashes,we all fall down .......and pick ourselves up again......this Lent.

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Missy said...

That photo is creepy. Hugs!